Key Dates & Meetings

Spring Football Parent meeting

Physicals Date: April 27, 2024 from 8-12 at the Detar family Clinic next to Detar on Navarro

Spring Training: Starts April 22, 2023

Playoffs - TBA.  Depending on schedule. When we play on Friday's in the playoffs and the following week is not a Saturday game...we will have practice on Saturdays following a Friday game. We will not have a Saturday practice following a Thursday game. In the playoffs Coaches and Administrators from both schools decide on date, time and site and both schools have to be in agreement. 

When players have the ACT/SAT on a Saturday practice morning, we ask that they come into the office after their test. College visits during the middle of the week do not excuse you from the missed practice/s. Players are encouraged to take College Visits on the weekend and to inform their family coach and the head coach and a College Visit on a Saturday is excused for the missed Saturday practice.

Thank y'all and looking forward to a great year!