2024-2025 Cheer Tryout Information

Application Opens

February 1, 2024

2024-25 Online Application

Due March 1, 2024

$30.00 application fee (covers judges fees and due by March 21, 2024)

Please make every effort to submit the online application as soon as possible.  This will help us generate a list of potential candidates and aid in communication closer to tryouts.

Mandatory Parent Meeting

February 12, 2024 -or- February 15, 2024

5:00 pm in West Cafeteria

A parent and candidate must attend ONE of the meetings for a candidate to be eligible to tryout. Packets will be handed out at meeting along with information regarding tryout material, schedules, expenses and expectations.

Tryout Clinic

March 21, March 22, March 25 & March 26, 2024

5:00 - 7:00 pm in Cafeteria

$30.00 application fee due by start of clinic.

Clinic days are mandatory for all candidates and closed to spectators.

Wear t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes.

Bring a water bottle.

Mock Tryouts

March 27, 2024

5:00 pm in Gym

Open to spectators.

Please come support the candidates before they tryout!


March 28, 2024

5:00 pm in Gym

Closed to public.

2024-2025 Team Announcement

March 29, 2024

Get READY!!!

  1. Condition! Stay fit in order to perform at your best. Focus on core, endurance, and flexibility exercise.

  2. Jumps: You must perform a straddle jump (toe-touch) and right front hurdler for tryouts. Drill height, point your toes, and master a clean approach and landing.

  3. Standing Tumbling: If you are close to a new skill, go for it! If not, perfect your highest level standing tumbling skill.  Do not risk injury if you do not have appropriate drill and training space. Just like jumps, approach and landing should be clean and solid.

  4. Series Tumbling:  For now, work on perfecting your round-off. A strong round-off sets up the tone for the rest of the tumbling pass. Do rebounds, bounders, and core exercises to prepare your body.

  5. Motions: Practice all motions. Place motions carefully and be sharp.  You want to "pop" each time you strike a motion. You will use them to spirit as well as for the cheer.  Memorize the tryout cheer. Perform it in front of the mirror, for family, and virtually with friends and teammates. Accept constructive criticism. Repeat until the motions are second-nature.

  6. Projection: Smile like your life depended on it! Exude confidence, energy, and enthusiasm.  Practice spiriting before and after the cheer, dance, and any skills.  Think of some creative but authentic spirit lines.

  7. Dance: Memorize the tryout dance count-by-count. Once you have mastered the motion sequence and placement, speed it up. Just like the cheer, be sharp, pop your motions, and place them in the correct position. Perform again and again to a supportive audience.