Choir Handbook


 The Victoria West Choral program seeks to provide a quality music education with an emphasis on building character and leadership skills through participation in vocal music ensembles.


Students will need the following supplies for daily classroom use or concert performances;

  • ½ inch black binder

  • Pencils & highlighters for marking music

  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged!


The grading policy for Choir is designed to encourage each member to continue to improve as a musician. Participation includes being prepared with supplies, actively engaged in the class activities, and daily rehearsal. Formative includes singing checks and quizzes. Summative includes major performances and exams.

  • Participation - 50%

  • Formative - 20%

  • Summative - 30%

THIS IS A PERFORMANCE-BASED COURSE meaning if you are present with us or are not participating in all parts of the classroom rehearsal you will be graded accordingly.


All performances are mandatory! Excused absences from a performance or rehearsal will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Performance-Excused absences from performances must be requested at least 2 days in advance but can be denied.

  • Rehearsal-Notice must be given to the director at least 2 days in advance.

  • Unexcused absence from concerts will result in failure of the 9 weeks.


All Rules and Guidelines of the class, school, and district must be adhered to or will result in consequences. Any member of the Choir who refuses to follow this Handbook may be subject to removal from Choir. In the event of removal, the following steps will be taken:

  • Step 1 – Meeting with student

  • Step 2 – Meeting with student and parent

  • Step 3 – Meeting with student, parent, and an administrator to remove the student.


  • The formal uniform includes a black dress or tuxedo which are provided by the school.

  • Students must provide their own black, closed-toe shoes with black socks.

  • Students wearing tuxedos must have a plain white undershirt.

  • Students wearing dresses may also wear black leggings or a black camisole underneath.

  • No undergarments should be visible while wearing the uniforms.


  • Students in Varsity Choir who meet competition and performance requirements will receive a letterman jacket after 1 year.

  • Students in Junior Varsity Choirs who meet competition and performance requirements will receive a letterman jacket after 2 years.

  • Students who only participate in choir concerts will receive a jacket after 4 years in choir.


Students must attend all school events on school-provided transportation unless otherwise authorized.

  • Students can be permanently banned from choir activities if suspended, or if they have an excessive amount of days in ISS. Money for trips can not be refunded under any circumstance. It is often paid to an outside company and cannot be refunded back to us unless certain criteria is met.

  • Students may not sing or play music with foul language, acts of violence, or overly sexual content on the bus.

  • Students may only change clothing on the bus if no members of the opposite sex are present and windows are covered.


All students must meet the requirement for eligibility as outlined by the University Interscholastic League (UIL). Students must maintain an average of 70 or higher in each of their classes to maintain eligibility for TMEA and UIL events. Variances exist for AP and Pre-AP classes.


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