Contests & Competitions

TMEA All-State Choir

Students compete as individuals against students from the entire state of Texas for a chance to make the Texas Music Educator's Association All-State Choir. This is one of the highest honors a Texas music student can earn. 

A student must be academically eligible for each round.


  • Students will learn several pieces of music for this audition

  • Students who make the top chairs in this round will advance to Region Auditions


  • Students will learn a new set of music for this audition

  • This round includes a sight-reading portion

  • Students will either advance to Area or become members of the Region Choir which performs at the Clinic & Concert


  • Final Round of Auditions

  • Students will learn a new set of music for this audition

  • This round also includes sight-reading

  • The top 7-8 chairs (depending on the choir) will make the All-State Mixed, Treble or Tenor-Bass Choir

Region Treble Choir

  • Must be academically eligible

  • There is only one round of auditions that will take place alongside the Region Mixed Choir Auditions

  • Open to Soprano and Alto voices only

  • No sight-reading component

  • The top 15 chairs in each section and zone will make the Region Treble Choir and will perform in the Region 14 Choir Clinic & Concert

Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest

  • Must be academically eligible

  • Two rounds - Regional & State

  • Students will learn a classical solo or perform in an ensemble

  • There are three levels of difficulty for solos and ensembles

    • Grade 1 - Advanced singers, solos are mostly foreign language, and ensembles are typically 1 per voice part.

    • Grade 2 - Intermediate singers, solos are more evenly split between English & foreign languages, ensembles can have 2 per voice part

    • Grade 3 - Beginner singers, most solos are in English, ensembles can have 2 or more per voice part

  • Performers who earn a Division 1 on their Solo or Ensemble will advance to the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest (TSSEC) typically held at the UT Austin campus in late May/early June.

  • Grade 2 and 3 performers who earn a Division 1 do not advance to State

UIL Choir Concert & Sight-Reading Evaluation

  • Students do not need to be academically eligible for this evaluation

  • Students perform as a choir and are evaluated on their concert performance and their ability to sight-read a new piece of music.

  • Ratings are given to each portion of  the contest and are based on this simplified rubric

    • Division 1 - Superior

    • Division 2 - Excellent

    • Division 3 - Average

    • Division 4 - Below Average

    • Division 5 - Poor