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Alternate Travel Release Form for Sub-Varsity teams

The attachment below is the Release form we use with our student-athletes.  You can have it filled out before the game.  The Coach of your child's team will also have these forms on site to fill out after a game. Please be respectful of the fact that the Coach may also be preparing for the immediate game to follow. 

The coach must visually see the parent of the player with whom he/she is leaving with. If a Parent wishes for his/her child to leave with another adult, the parent of the child must complete this form ahead of time for confirmation.

Ex. A player will not be allowed to leave with someone else other than their parent without the parent's written consent. This is not attainable at the site of the game if the Parent of the child is not present. 

We do encourage our athletes to travel back with the team if possible but with the understanding of each child's circumstances and needs.