Counselor's Corner

Welcome to VWHS Counselors Corner Web Page

As school counselors, we believe that VWHS students have many exciting possibilities for their future, given all of the resources available to them. VWHS counselors are "team players" with our students, parents, teachers and other key people to maximize student success.

The VWHS Counseling Department is made up of 4 counselors. Counselors are divided by alphabetical split according to student last name. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


 Lauren Holloway

A - F

Suite 3A 

Sarah Keen


Suite 2B 

Stephanie Melton


Suite 2A 

Dixie Baker (Lead Counselor)


Suite 3B

Academic success is our goal for every student. Our students will learn from knowledgeable and professional teachers, who are dedicated to helping our students excel and grow.

Victoria West offers a number of opportunities for students to challenge and enrich themselves thru Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses, and Career and Technical programs. We also offer a large variety of electives in art, music, technology, business, STEM, and home and careers.