Band Parent Information

Welcome, Parents! 

This page has been set up as a resource for all involved with the Band of Warriors. As you scroll down, you will find information about Band Fees, CHARMS, Physicals/RankOne, and more!

We recommend that you subscribe to our Calendar so that you can be up to date with our many different activities that happen throughout the year!

We are so excited to have you as part of our team. Check out the "Booster Club" tab so that you can get involved with our incredible parent organization. So much of our success is due to the hard-working parents and family members that give their time and resources to this program. Thank you for supporting the Band of Warriors!

Band of Warriors - Parent and Student Information

We use this information to update our records. This is also used to set up our Parent Email. 

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Band Fees

This does not include fees for our optional Spring Trip. More information to come!


CHARMS is the program that we use to manage your student's finances, instrument inventory, uniform assignment, and more! To access the CHARMS website, click here. If you need help logging in, a step-by-step guide can be found here.  Incoming members have not been added to Charms yet but will be 


Every year, any student who participates in an Extra-Curricular activity, like marching band, must complete a Physical. you must fill out a Pre-Physical Exam Form, which your doctor has to sign off on during your Physical Exam. You must also fill out online forms on the RankOne Sport website. If you need help logging in, click here.

New Member Information

Who do I contact? Where can I find information? They don’t tell me anything! We understand.  Here is the short list for information.