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On Wednesday, Jan. 19, Victoria ISD resumed identifying staff attendance thresholds by campus. The staff absentee critical threshold at each campus is 30%. When the staff absentees reach 30%, thus creating an environment where the availability of staff is strained and support staff is not available, the campus will be temporarily closed.

 If a campus is to be temporarily closed, parents/guardians will receive an update from the District Notifications System, the update will be posted to the VISD COVID website, and local media partners will be notified. 

 During a campus closure, the entire campus will undergo disinfection treatment. 

 The staff attendance threshold is designed to provide timely notice as to when a campus is staff-compromised.

Staff attendance will continue to be reviewed regularly moving forward and campuses and the District will provide parents/guardians with as much notice as possible before closing a campus. If the district has to close a campus, all school functions pertaining to that campus will halt. There will be no virtual school in place of in-person school and extracurricular activities for that campus may be halted. Due to closures, some lost minutes may need to be made up at a later date. The District will provide more information if this is the case.

Just as quickly as COVID-19 is circulating throughout our community, campus staff is being affected resulting in a fluid and evolving situation for Victoria ISD. The District would like to thank campus staff, teachers, parents/guardians, and students for their continued patience as we work to maintain a safe environment for both staff and students on a daily basis.

VISD’s District Status Level is now at a level 3 as of Tuesday, Oct. 18, visit The District Status Level is determined when one or more campuses meet the designated threshold. Restrictions may vary from campus to campus based on staff and student attendance data/trends. 

You can help! Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. If you are not feeling well, stay home.