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Victoria ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) department began Industry-Based Certification testing in October at Career and Technology Institute (CTI) and Victoria East and West High School.

100% of the students who participated in October testing passed their tests to receive their Non-Commissioned Security Officer Level II certification. In preparation for this test, students had to complete four courses as part of the Law Enforcement program of study:

  • Business Information Management I 

  • Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security and Law & Enforcement I 

  • Criminal Investigations and Law Enforcement II 

  • Forensic Science or Practicum in Law, Public Safety Corrections, and Security

The Law Enforcement program of study teaches CTE learners about the development of, adherence to and protection of various branches of law. Students will learn how to appropriately and legally respond to breaches in the law according to statutory rules and regulations as well as investigate how and why the breaches occurred. This prepares students for occupations such as Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers, Correction Officers and Jailers, and Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Officers, and more.

Testing occurs throughout the year, with the majority being completed in the Spring semester. Students have the opportunity to receive a variety of certifications depending on what career path they are interested in. Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Certified Veterinarian Assistant Level 1, Automotive Service Excellence Certifications and American Welding Society Certifications are a few of many certifications students can test for throughout the year.

VISD's CTE programs collaborate with business, industry, and higher education to combine academics, workplace knowledge, and the skills that are essential to prepare the future workforce to succeed in an ever-changing global economy.

These programs offer students the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications, allowing for a seamless transition into the workforce upon graduation. These certifications and trainings can assist students to obtain a job that could pay for college or start a career straight out of high school. Many of the CTE courses offered are articulated with post-secondary institutions, so students are eligible to earn college credit at the same time as earning high school credit at no additional cost to students.

To learn more about VISD’s CTE programs and the Industry-Based Certifications currently offered, visit https://visd.net/certifications.